Saturday, June 23, 2007

Siquid mantica non capit, domi relinquendum est.

Another shining example of "Anything said in Latin sounds profound." It means "If it doesn't fit in your knapsack, leave it behind." Rick Steves phrased it quite nicely as "You can travel happy, heavy, and cheap. Pick two." 4 shirts, 2 long pants and 1 shorts pretty much suffices for day to day clothes especially if you get all non-cotton for sink washing and hang drying. (Socks and boxers are gonna be the determining factor for laundry days. God help us dividing and rematching 20 white socks after the tumble dry.) Neither of us are taking computers, the cell phones won't work, and I don't have an ipod.

Patrick has finished packing; the photo above shows everything he's taking, the photo at left shows our documents. We've taken closer images of each and stored them in a safe place to act as backups/reference should we need them. The photo also shows off flickr's slick photo-embedding. We'll be hosting our photos over there and linking to the highlights here.

With about 36 hours till wheels up it's mostly odds and ends left. I'm working on getting calling cards printed so that we can dispense with scuzzy bar napkins or opera programs. The gentleman adventurer does not bum a pen from a new acquaintance to provide his contact information. We're also ransacking the guidebooks to bring the necessary pages with us while leaving the bulk behind. I guess we could do that on the plane if we run out of time. Course, we'd have to chew the pages out with our teeth due to DHS/FAA/TSA hysterics. I can't wait for European airports again. They've been dealing with this for so long that they're down to a reasonable bark:bite ratio. Something along the lines of "Ja, die nailclipers ist OK. Iffen du misbehaven, I hast ein Uzi. Kapische?" Remember, in Germany, if it's not verboten, you can do it.

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Edit: Mer-duh. I heard back from Sister Dominique. No dice; she says it's full up with the same ESA group that I can with the first time. Phooey. At least she understood. Maybe we can get in at Sacre Coeur. Not that hostels are bad, but I think it'd be great to change it up a little. Plus, nuns are remarkably cool.


PNT said...

I have made a comment and yet I suffer no ill effects! Stick THAT in your erlenmeyer flask and titrate it!

Anonymous said...

I have finally caught up on all your entries. I love this avenue for communicating. Look forward to all your adventures.Not sure if you received my original message with our address.. 2451 Ironwood Avenue, Twin Falls, ID 83301
Aunt Betsy

Chris Keith said...

Gentlemen (and you, too, Preston :) -

One question: How are you going to post to your blog or wiki if you don't have computers? Are there still such things as Internet Cafes? Or are they too Twentieth Century?

Best regards,
Chris Keith (James' parental unit)

Patrick said...

Chris -- All computer science grads at Cal Poly have a wireless microchip surgically implanted into our brains. When we need to post I just stick a paperclip in my ear and wiggle it around until prose comes out.

(or, barring that, 'net cafes are quite common.)

Sharon said...

OMFSM guys! Have super fun times! I wanna see pictures.