Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bottoms up or the rest in your hair!

An essential part of going local is knowing how to raise a glass in the proper fashion. Cheers has the local toasts for each of the countries that we're visiting. The title of this post comes from the translation of the rather charming Danish toast, "Bunden i vejret eller resten i håret."

In other news, Patrick and I have hammered out a couple more changes in the schedule. We're stealing a day from Berlin and adding it to Prague (I think we'll have more of interest to us in Prague) and we're also liberating a day from St. Malo and trying to find out where to stick in an R&R day. After all, quaint and historic as St. Malo is, it's 300 square yards of beautiful old city, then 2 miles of Oakland shoreline.

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