Thursday, June 21, 2007

Clicking off like an abacus

At less than 72 hours 'til wheels up I'm pleasantly surprised how *not* panicked I am. Things seem to be slotting into place just right. We bought the cameras today in a thousand dollar Best Buy raid; easiest sale the clerk ever made. Having done the research for so long we went in there and grabbed gear off the shelf like it was 7-11 and finished by pointing the bewildered clerk to the cabinet in which our cameras were reserved. End result, for those of you interested: A pair of Canon SD800IS's with 2GB SD cards, an SD to USB adapter and a spare battery. My camera is charging right now while I read the manual to bring myself up to date on 7 years worth of photographic innovation.

I've also set up the flickr account with a public page ( , naturally) so people may browse at their leisure once there's content. (The only content right now is a photo from the SLO fencing tourney after PST and I fenced to la belle in a "by popular request" face off. Tomorrow I'll add the photos from the camera's maiden voyage so you can see how it performs under ideal and "adverse" conditions.)

Lastly, if you're up for a laugh, Patrick took an idle musing I had and ran with it. As a way of breaking the ice with fellow travelers and keeping perspective when "schiesse happens," he created Travel Catastrophe Bingo. Stiffed by the moneychanger? Chased by the cops? Lost in translation? Mark it down, shake it off, and ramble on! (Suggestions for additional catastrophes encouraged, just use the comment button immediately below!)


Lisa said...

lol. I especially like "mugged", since I feel like you two might win anyway just because you're cool like that. New suggestions: "drank the water", "hospital stay required", and "lost passport". Not that I hope any of those things happen!

Dee said... each bought a camera! Now, you just need to convince your mom and Scott to buy one ;-)

One thing you may not have considered is how long the trip is flying sure to find a good read (nothing involving airplane crashes allowed!). I always take along my own sound-excluding headphones....I sleep better that way....and an old Gameboy loaded with Tetris.

Krystal said...

I like that I can leave comments now!

I have some ideas for the bingo:

what about lost/stolen/expired passport (inspired by a recent incident with my grandmother)

Or stuck in a town with all hotels/hostels full