Saturday, June 30, 2007

Emerging from the Cinque Terre

Everything you've heard about the "5 Lands" of the northern Italian coast is quite true; the Cinque Terra (/Chink-wa Tare-a/) are amazing. We were without net for several days, sorry to keep you all hanging, but there'll be stories aplenty when we can post at length. It was great to return to civilization and read all of your responses!

We are now in Genoa where we'll spend the night before moving on to Kandersteg.


Anonymous said...

It was nice to hear from you. I understand Cinque Terra is beautiful but remote. I hope you weren't having internet withdrawal.

Anonymous said...

Yippee they're back!! What me worry? Ha! I want to go to Cinque Terra!Looking forward to your notes on the stay there. Love, Mom

Kristen said...

Ok guys, so I realized, when the posts lagged, that I must be exploring Europe vicariously through you two adventurous (and charming!) fellows. I was thoroughly saddened to see no new posts these past few days!! ;-)

SO glad to hear things are going so well and that you made it safely. I'm loving hearing about your adventures through the wiki! And the pictures are fab-o. Nice cameras, sure, but even nicer photography skills. :) Enjoy Genoa/Kanderstag!

dad & darlene said...

Enjoying your trip vicariously, especially the wonderful photos. How are your shoes, Patrick? Thanks for the card. The order of the day, "Have fun!" When in Switzerland, enjoy some Swiss chocolate for us. Love, Dad and Darlene