Thursday, June 14, 2007

Clickey-clack, we're on the right track!

(Puns, rhyming, and cliche all in the same title. Hand me the hemlock, it's for the best.)

After some anxiety we've finally made the last big single purchase for the trip, Eurail passes. If you're interested in planning your own trip, I recommend checking out Rick's website for a nice overview, then going ahead and ordering from him or from Rail Europe, which we did. Because we're hitting many different countries over the course of six weeks we found that a full 2-month Global Eurail Pass was the no-worries option. As youth (under 26) we're entitled to purchase second-class fares for a reduced rate of $1000. Though the pass doesn't cover us for all the countries we'll be traveling through (Czech Republic and Poland will be bought on a train-by-train basis) it's the easiest way to know that we're covered.

In other news, I still haven't heard back from Sister Dominique, so I might have to call. That oughta be interesting. (French 4 lab practical, ready go!) Also, as this front page was getting rather long, PST has shortened it by removing old entries to a separate page. If you missed the beginning of the saga, you can start there to see where this whole thing came from.

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Lisa said...

hahaha i win! you said "ready, go!" this makes me quite happy :)