Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yeah, it smells just like you might expect

We've arrived in Amsterdam! Which is in the Netherlands. Or is it Noord Holland? And they speak Dutch. Yeah, I'm still haven't figured it all out yet, either. Of course, that's what this whole excursion is for, anyway.

This third night train, from Prague, was by far the most interesting yet, the telling of which I will leave to Patrick to fill in since it's really his story.

More commentary on the city and the production that we're going to when we get back this evening.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it was a very long train ride? Where are you staying? I look forward to more blog entries later.Love, Mom

PNT said...

We're staying at the Amigo hostel, as itentified by the pin on the map in the hyperlink of the first line of the post.

Anonymous said...

So sorry-don't really know how to navigate the maps. Looking forward to hearing about Amsterdam and train ride. Please check e-mail. love, Mom