Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Leaving Luzerne

We rose early this morning and made our way to the base of Mount Pilatus, the local mystic mountain and tourist attraction. Most visitors ride the gondola all the way up to the summit and soak in the view (of dubious quality given the low-hanging clouds), but we had a lead on a much more interesting option: Seilpark. The Seilpark is an alpine ropes course hanging off the side of Pilatus. Those of you who know us know *exactly* the odds of us bypassing a network of tightwires, rickety rope bridges, and zip lines hung high in the trees. After two hours of scrabling around (with a few spills, caught by the omnipresent safety line) we relaxed into a final cup of Swiss cappuccino and a nutty Haselnussstang, pastry which we know nothing about except for the waitress's cheery "has nuts", and watched a rainstorm roll in against the alps. Fantastic. Now, off to Munich!

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