Saturday, July 21, 2007

The pictures, they MOVE!

Yes indeed, we have another special treat for you. Grab yourself a beverage and enjoy the third production of Rambling Rovers Motion Picture Studios, "Tunnel Vision"

Also, (as Krystal so perceptively pointed out) we have new photos up on the flickr site, from the end of Budapest through today. In lieu of a blog post today I have gone through and added my two zlotkys worth to the captions.


Krystal said...

Yay, more pictures are up! The movie was also fun, I loved the commentary.

Lisa said...

yay for all the pictures... am i the only one that sees "photo rally material" written all over some of them? it's like there were lolcat-style invisible clues! (i know i just revealed all sorts of dorkiness, but you'll have to deal)

Anonymous said...

preston, you sounded exactly like an onscreen narrator for a tv show. Call up a station and say you want to start a series 'Wine cellars across the globe' You'd be perfect. They would pay you to tour the world and drink wine.