Thursday, July 5, 2007

Follow the bouncing ball

We've arrived in Fribourg and there's MUCH to tell, but first I want to take a few minutes to update our route thus far.

Corniglia/Riomaggiore to Genova to Kandersteg to Fribourg

Though that gives the driving directions it does a fair job of showing the relative locations of each of our destinations.

Also, we've posted several new photos on flickr. We'll have more time tomorrow to update on the rest of the Kandersteg stories and how we came to be in


Krystal said...

wow, those mountain pictures are breathtaking. I can only imagine what they look like in person. Enjoy the trees, fog and clouds!

Anonymous said...

Those last photos were impossible to describe with words.......just amazing. The photos of each of you in the woods were so great. You look happy and healthy! And that does a Mama's heart good! Looking forward to more blog on how you ended up in Fribourg! Thanks for being so good about dropping us all a line so often. The hilite of my day! Much love, Mom